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Practiced Strategies believes anything worth doing is worth doing well. So when the team set out to create a system that would help non-profits and NGOs, they gave a whole new meaning to the word "organization."

Now content management, file sharing, event registration and fundraising all live together in harmony. Previously insurmountable tasks such as reporting and member management are scaled down to size in an easy-to-use interface that plays nicely with the rest of webEDIFY's streamlined features.

Check Out The Features
  • Tools that let non-profits worry about what really matters
  • Explore the possibilities of Integration with WebEdify
  • WebEdify helps NGOs reach their goals

Giving Experience to the Heart

Building the right team is an important part of success. Everyone brings unique talents to the group. As a member of the team, Practiced Strategies brings years of experience in data management, business solutions and marketing. In fact, our goal is to bring big-business solutions to NGOs and non-profits with a passion. So bring the heart and Practiced Strategies will bring the online experience needed to connect team members, donors and recipients.

Collaboration is Key

The key to conquering obstacles in any project is collaboration that fuses Practiced Strategies' creative strength and technical experience with YOUR in-depth knowledge of the business. Practiced Strategies knows you're an expert at what you do and that's why we always work with clients to get a first-class finished project.

Discovery to Realization

Trouble comes when important steps get skipped. That's why Practiced Strategies has an established process and carefully checks each phase off the list, from discovering your needs to realizing the vision.


The webEDIFY system is limitlessly flexible and can be adapted to fit most needs. Listed below are only a few of the most popular features. If you read through and still don't see the functionality you were looking for, take the time to contact us!


Pre-packaged Solutions

Prices listed below are the recurring fees associated with utilizing webEDIFY's features. Packaged features are pre-developed to help keep costs low. However, there are start-up fees for Practiced Strategies to create your website and customize the solution to your specific needs. Contact us for more information. Also, ask about LOGDIFY* (Let Our Guys Do It For You) to help save time each month.

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